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__— How I found newsvine, and why I came here, I am still trying to figure that out. But it started out of wanting to write about all the turmoil in America, And what it means to my family if it continues down the self destructive path it is on. I have come to Newsvine, in hopes of getting a lot off my mind, Concerning life, the war,corruption, and about the horrid treatment of our. Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, Coast Guards, and our Back Up Troops for Homeland Security. And I also came here to write about all the big changes that I see happening to My Country!! Because I see my Country falling apart from the inside out. I'm a single EMT who likes traveling /sking/dancing/and writing in spare time. I work hard and play hard as I enjoy traveling. And I have a large family of 3 brothers/2 sisters. I have been married,and divorced x2, I have 2 beautiful daughters one from each marriage. And 5 beautiful grandchildren. I have lived all over in the united states, California, Idaho, Washington State, Wyoming, Minnesota,Kentucky, and Colorado. I consider myself single since I have been alone for 12 years now. Waiting for Mr. Right! And I came in hopes of a possibility to publish my stories I write. And last but not least to Connect to the World again, after being alone for all those years I mentioned . And the need to bounce my thoughts and ideas off others. Because some of my beliefs were becoming clouded. So this is Maria-Lyn in a nut shell, just don't crush my shell. Good Being Here

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